Is Instagram the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Photography? | Idea Channel

This video is talking about how instagram has given millions around the world the opportunity to become a photographer. They talk about due to the various filters instagram offers that it gives folks who don’t have a fancy old school camera the opportunity to make nostalgic type photographs.  This next video on the other hand is from the opposite side of the argument, and is pretty funny if you ask me.  This guy talks about how much he dislikes instagram and how just because you can take a picture and throw a filter on it that it doesn’t make you a photographer or an artist. He also talks about how the subject matter of a lot of these photos are of random things like door knobs or their plate of food- basically about how compositionally the photographs are not appealing or successful.

I personally don’t feel very strongly about either side of the argument. I think that since instagram is a social networking site, it doesn’t matter if people use it to be a “profressional photographer” or not. Some things in life don’t have to be so serious. Do I think think Instagram is the best thing to ever happen to photography? No, definitely not but it does give people the opportunity to share their own stories through their photos and be creative.

Both of these videos were found on YOUTUBE.

Post By Becky Plungis (3/1/2013)


4 thoughts on “Is Instagram the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Photography? | Idea Channel

  1. I think that Instragram is a lot like Facebook, it is only pictures though. I think that this kind of app is fun way to connect without talking to your friends, especially when college students that are staying connected to their friends from home. As time has posted with this app , I have grown tired of it. I don’t think it’s as much fun anymore, maybe it’s because people post all the same kind of pictures. I think it would be better if it could be part of the internet so more people could be part of it.

    by Lauren Hopper

  2. I honestly LOVE instagram. I do think there is an overload of absolutely ridiculous pictures on it, but I sure other people find some of my pictures unnecessary too. But honestly I like them, they like their pictures and that should be all that matters. I am such a foodie and instagram is the PERFECT place to find good looking food. I just get very saddened when something looks so good that I want to make it but there’s no recipe. Oh well, I do think its a great way to show people what you do in life. Some people are definitely instagram artists though, they take it to another level, showing crazy unimaginable pictures like on top of mountains or volcanos, etc. There’s definitely a good way to go about it but I think the sole purpose of instagram was to show your own creativity, each and every one of us. And that’s what it’s doing! I am all FOR instagram for sure!

    Response By: Lindsay Hopkins

  3. I could really see both sides of the argument. I think that it is not anyones place to judge what someone else views as “art” so if someone wants to post a picture who cares? it was your choice to follow them right? I think this is just like any other social media site, you could complain about anything and everything but all that matters is that someone posted that picture because to them it was something interesting or important. When I see stuff I don’t like on any social media site then I just keep scrolling!!!! On the other hand I see this whole “oh well everyone thinks they are a photographer” now argument, but I really NEVER see people claiming they are a photographer after they post a photo. I like when in the first video he talked about how a photo is there to capture a moment or evoke a feeling, and I really get that because it does not matter what the subject is if it makes you think or see something differently then I think the photo or even art in general has served its purpose.
    Michael Taylor

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