Eleanor Greer

What is your name?

Eleanor G

Eleanor Greer 

Describe your creative practice. Are you a visual artist, musician, craftsperson, apparel designer, blogger, etc?

I am a museum educator, student, barista, curator and a studio artist primarily interested in recording the forms of my surrounding habitat through pen and graphite drawings and currently through printmaking. I am very much a visual note taker and I repeatedly work with a form or a shape that I am interested in (a Roman column, a nearby garage door, a plant leaf…) until it gains a new meaning based on visual relationship with other forms. I tend to build layers of drawn shapes on my studio walls and allow relationships to form in this way as well. 


How does social media affect your practice?

Social media most certainly is a way for me to check in on what others are doing and I do spend hours and hours each week just visiting websites of people and groups that I am interested in.  I also spend a lot of time on Pandora and Spotify which both build my musical repertoire. I have a lot of musician friends, I grew up in a family of musicians, and have discovered that both listening to and making music are crucial to my creative habit. 

Do you promote your work via the Internet? Why do you use the internet?

I have a love/hate relationship with the immediacy of most social sites and so I tend to spy on other instead of promoting myself, though I know this must change! But for now nothing beats sitting down with someone and saying,”Hey, I really like the work that you do. Tell me more about it.” 

That said, I DO use the internet to keep track of my own projects (I have a site that is in constant progress) and certainly to keep in touch with others including people I’ve never met, of course. Mass mailing programs such as MailChimp come to ming and have been very helpful as I have been currently building a local arts program. Facebook and local arts online publications have been of enormous support in this. I could never reach the amount of people that I need to nor have the clean professional look that the internet has simply hoofing around my neighborhood blabbing about my project.

What are some websites, social networks or other digital media that you find yourself using, loving and/or lurking on a somewhat regular basis?

Hulu. Yes, Star Trek.

http://art.docuwat.ch/videos/?channel_id=0&skip=0&subpage=channel Has a great collection of British films and tv series that deal with art and art history. I watch these while doing dishes. 

I wander a circuit of the “big” American and international museums to see what commonalities they share in terms of current exhibitions. Another good excersize is to do the same but with galleries, especially local ones. The American Alliance of Museums is a great resource for jobs and social groups of museum professionals: http://www.aam-us.org/

NEA, National Endowment for the Arts: http://www.nea.gov/

I currently live in California and so keeping an eye on what’s happening here is always a good idea: http://www.cac.ca.gov/index.php

And of course, Art 21, a great starting point for finding like minded artists and gallery spaces: http://blog.art21.org/ 


Are there any creative people [visual artist, musician, craftsperson, apparel designer, blogger, etc] who are using web platforms in a particularly interesting way?

I love interactive online magazines and there are some great local ones, LO The Porfolio of Locals (http://issuu.com/loport/docs/portfolio_of_locals_winter_2012?mode=window&backgroundColor=%23222222) and some other design centered ones. I also just love online newspapers and how they are adapting to the contemporary need for immediacy. 

Are there any websites/ web platforms that you have found to be less helpful, not as interesting or even taboo for creative people to use?

I think everything is helpful and useful in some way, you just have to know your niche and audience. 


What advice would you give to artists, musicians, bloggers, and online retailers?

Like I just mentioned, everything is useful and everything that you do teaches you something. Be active, do things that get you involved and that give you answers to get yourself moving forward. Learn peoples names and use them. Be present at openings, make friends that will motivate and strengthen you, and do things that interest you. Record it all and post it somewhere! 


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