Nicole Romeo’s Dream Interview: Banksy

“Banksy is a graffiti artist from Bristol, UK, whose artwork has appeared throughout London and other locations around the world. Despite this he carefully manages to keep his real name from the mainstream media. However, many newspapers assert that his real name is Robert or Robin Banks.

Banksy, despite not calling himself an artist, has been considered by some as talented in that respect; he uses his original street art form, often in combination with a distinctive stencilling technique, to promote alternative aspects of politics from those promoted by the mainstream media.”

Check out his work here!


1. When did you first get interested in street art?
2. Are you afraid of your true identity coming out?
3. Why do you not consider yourself an artist?
4. Despite your public work, have you ever received a large sum of money for it?
5. What issues do you enjoy making social commentary on?
6. Do you find it hard not to use social media since you’re so anonymous?
7. What tips do you have for others interested in street art?
8. Where do you like putting your work?
9. Is there anyone who knows your true identity?
10. Will you ever reveal your name?
11. How do you feel about people taking your work off public walls?
12. Have you ever been arrested for vandalism?
13. Why do you like street art?
14. How long does it take you to create a piece?
15. Do you always use stencils?
16. What kind of spray paint do you use?
17. Have you sold any pieces?
18. What inspires you?
19. Has anyone tried to claim your work as theirs?
20. Do you do anything else besides street art to make a living?
21. If people see you working, do they end up following you?
22. What are your future plans?
23. Will you ever work without your face hidden?
24. Do you secretly want to be discovered?
25. What advice would you give other street artists?
26. What issues mean the most to you?
27. Why social commentary and satire?
28. Are you proud of your success?
29. Did you ever intend to become so famous?
30. What do you want to be remembered for?
31. Does your family support you?
32. Have you ever been called crazy?
33. How do you feel about “vandalizing” public spaces?
34. Do any fans know where you live?
35. Do you get fan mail?
36. What are some of your other hobbies?
37. Describe your work in three words.
38. Do you use the internet at all?
39. Is it difficult to hide while working?
40. How fast do you get a piece up?
41. If you weren’t doing street art, what would you be doing?
42. What would you want to be on your tombstone?
43. Do you love what you do?
44. Do you regret anything in your career?
45. How many pieces have you created over all?
46. When did you realize you were famous?
47. Do you read the articles printed about you?
48. What makes you laugh?
49. Have you ever been in danger trying to put up a piece?
50. Do you work in the evening or the morning?


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