YOLO Becky Plungis

Part 1: Visual Map

The word I chose was “tweet”

I have 3 photos below, one is of the entire visual graph and the other two are close ups of each of the sides of the graph ( real time, and virtual time.)

You can click on each photo to enlarge them.

Post by: Becky Plungis




Part 2: Performance Action

Social Media Verb: To Tweet

Action: To whistle

My word was Tweet. An action that went along with the word tweet that I thought would be appropriate to “perform” to others would be to whistle. I love whistling, my grandma taught me how to whistle when I was only two years old. I whistle when I am happy, and whistling usually makes other people happy as well so I thought my performance action would be to whistle a song to each of the ten characters assigned as a gesture to spread happiness! I think that spreading happiness is the most generous thing you could do. Everyone is searching for happiness and if you’ve got it, it’s up to you to spread it!  Below are videos and photos of my documentation of whistling to those people, spreading the happiness along.

  • A family member

Photo 300

My youngest sister Elisabeth.

  • An authority figure

Photo 302

My dad is my authority figure. We did so many takes of this video where we were laughing but when I laugh I can’t whistle lol so I asked dad to stop being so goofy so I could finish it  thus him looking rather un-enthused. But for the record he was super happy when I was whistling….success!

  • A team


I consider my hamsters a team. They pretty much have the same routines. I give them the same food and water and toys, and they work as a team to make me happy. So a team they are!

  • Something nonhuman

non human

A banana, of course.

  • A stranger


This is Caroline met her the other day walking around the neighborhood.

  • A professional

Photo 296

This is Heidi She is a professional scientist and works as a microbiologist. She is also my mom!

  • Someone who doesn’t look like you

someone who doesn't look like me

Kody of course. He is the best dog ever!!

  • Someone who doesn’t live in the same town as you

Photo 298

Couldn’t record a video for this one but got an action shot of me mid whistle.

This is Chaz, and he lives in Brookline Massachusetts!

  • A villain

a villian

MILK. As a person with lactose intolerance, milk is absolutely my worst enemy.

  • A hero

a hero

My Grandmother. She passed away this past summer in July. She was and is my hero. She is also the one who taught me how to whistle. ❤


Below is a podcast I made describing my experience with the performance action, ATOM the Rapping Hamster is featured in it also.

Click here to listen to my podcast!


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