Lindsay LaChance’s Dream Interview: Justin Bieber

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“Social media helped launch my career,” Bieber told me. “Without the internet and without YouTube, I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to put my music out there and have people hear it.”

Justin Bieber, a internationally known singer/songwriter/superstar, has been one of the most critically acclaimed artist to become famous from social media. Using youtube to begin his venture, Justin has gone from 70,000 views, to 50 billion, thanks to being discovered by his manager, Scooter Braun. Now, Justin is known for not only his musical career, but the branding behind his name. Having the most followers in the twitter-verse, Justin has used his twitter and social media to create a empire of musical influence, and created an inspirational story on how social media can help create nobody into somebody.

Read Justin’s Forbes article on social media here.

Watch Justin’s first ever youtube upload here.


Interview Questions:

  1. How important is social media to you as a singer/songwriter?
  2. What was your first experience with social media?
  3. How many social media sites do you use?
  4. What is your favorite thing about using social media?
  5. Would you say you would be where you are without youtube & other social media?
  6. Was there a transition in being “internet famous” to “internationally famous”?
  7. What obstacles did your manager, Scooter, have as he tried to get the word out about you?
  8. Initially, what was your target audience?
  9. Do you think becoming nationally known on youtube at a young age had any affect on your childhood?
  10. How has social media helped you build your brand?
  11. What does it feel like to have the most twitter followers in the twitterverse?
  12. How does it feel to have more twitter followers than the president?
  13. When it comes to your fan base, how does using social media help you keep in contact with your beliebers?
  14. Where did the term beliebers derive from?
  15. How do you decide which of your fans to follow?
  16. What do think would happen if you disappeared from twitter?
  17. Has social media ever impacted any of your relationships negatively?
  18. What about self esteem?
  19. Describe one of your low moments experienced due to something you saw on social media.
  20. Positive moments?
  21. What advice would you give to someone who deals with “internet hate” on a daily basis?
  22. Have you ever used social media to enhance your concert experience?
  23. Are you selective what media you join?
  24. Do you ever have anyone update any of your social media for you?
  25. How important is it as a celebrity to watch what you post?
  26. Have you ever regretting anything you’ve ever posted on social media?
  27. What other celebs do you enjoy following up on in their social media?
  28. Do you think there is any “strategy” behind using social media?
  29. If yes, what sort?
  30. What is the best opportunity you’ve gotten through using social media?
  31. Without social media, what other ways would you create hype for new releases and tour dates?
  32. If you could follow any passed celebs, who would you follow?
  33. It has been acclaimed that “The Justin Bieber Phenomenon” is taking over twitter, how does it feel to accomplish that?
  34. It has been said that you use twitter to play pranks on your fans, what sort of pranks have you played?
  35. Does your family use social media?
  36. Recently your comment in Anne Frank’s guestbook has created a social media storm, do you regret writing what you did?
  37. You’ve met a little girl after a video of her crying went viral, what other sort of things have you done like this?
  38. Is there a decision making processes that goes on when you decide to post something on any of your social media networks?
  39. Does anyone help you decide what or what not to post?
  40. Where do you think the future of music lies?
  41. Where do you think the future of social media lies?
  42.  In an interview with oprah, she states that you can’t do anything without your fans knowing about it, how does social media affect this?
  43. If there was one thing you could change in your life, what would it be?
  44. How would you describe to an every day person what it’s like to be you.
  45. What’s a day in the life of Justin Bieber like?
  46. Continuing on in life, what do you see as your biggest challenges and opportunities?
  47. Do you think your social media outlets have more of a business or social meaning to you?
  48. What advice would you give for an artist trying to break out in this competitive environment in the music industry?
  49.  How do you chose your twitter default picture?
  50. If you could send a message to all of your followers on social media, what would it say?



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