Sandra Jeknavorian

Sandra Jeknavorian


This is a photo of myself, Rebecca Plungis (Left) and Sandra Jeknavorian (Right) the person I am interviewing for my final feature project. We took this photo together in front of my section of the TRCC Graduates Exhibition.

Sandra was my favorite professor and academic advisor while at TRCC. She has personally invested into my life in so many ways. The biggest way she has influenced me and my artwork is through her positive encouragement. She has continued to push me on to bigger and greater things and to dive into creating unique meaningful works of art.

Sandra is also the director of the art program at Three Rivers. She holds a lot of responsibility, but she has a calm spirit, and is a very humble individual. She is a very good artist and I admire her work greatly.

I chose to interview Sandra for all of those reasons, as well as because I also want to be a professor of art.

Below are a few examples of her artwork.

Picture 5 Picture 7 Picture 6

Below are the questions I asked Sandra. Take a listen to my podcast for her responses! ( Link Below!)

Click HERE to listen to my podcast!!

1) Do you like your job?

2) What did you think you were going to be when you grew up?

3) What has been your favorite job thus far?

4) How had your painting/drawing style changed since you graduated college?

 5) Did you think you’d be at where you are now when you first graduated?

6) Upon graduating with your masters did you struggle to find work?

7) Did you go right into grad school upon graduating with your Bachelors?

8) If you could change anything about where you got your education would you?

9) What is the best advice you could give someone looking to get into teaching at the colligate level?

10) If art wasn’t an option what would you have chosen to major in?

11) How much did your undergraduate grades determine your acceptance into your graduate program?

12) What advice would you give someone looking to go to grad school?

 13) How has having a family affected the time you have for your artwork?

14) Do you find that having a job teaching art all day makes you too tired for creating your own art?

 15) What are the differences between teaching younger children vs. those in college?

 16) Which age group do you prefer to teach?

17) If you had to choose one thing, what do you like most about your job?

18) If you had to choose one thing, what you you dislike most about your job?

19) Have you ever thought about changing careers entirely?

20) How has social media influenced/ played a role in getting your name out there? Do you think that the internet has played a positive role in assisting artists to sell more work?


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