YOLO Kevin Mclaughlin


For my social media verb I used “vote” from reddit. Which really means that I have the action verb to either “upvote” or “downvote” something or someone. By giving things up votes it means that you like them, find them cute, funny, cool and the list goes on. Downvoting is just the opposite where things you dont like you beat away with downvotes and hope it never reaches the front page on reddit.

A family member
Now if you arent a pet person you wont get this, but I wanted to use Cody as my (newest) family member. Over the past eight months he has really brought a lot of life into our house and we love him so much. And honestly I feel like he is the happiest to see me come home anyway.
An authority figure
My RA from my dorm, does a great job with events and keeps us under control. on a side note you cant take pictures of campus police or you get in trouble.
Something nonhuman
My precious dunkin donuts…I would upvote it into heaven but at some point it runs out and then I have to downvote because im hooked.
A stranger
This is Dave, we meet up a few days ago when I was over at my friends apartment at Uconn; he lives next door and we eventually ended up playing some xbox later that day. After beating him in a game I gave him a downvote
A professional
I choose a librarian for my professional, they are the unsung heroes of the college world. They help you get those research papers done in time that you didnt think you could. However the library staff was not to keen on pictures until this junior came back and saw I was giving out upvotes. As a follow redditor he was more than happy to help me.
Someone who doesn’t look like you
My other roommate, I think the difference is night and day
Someone who doesn’t live in the same town as you
This is my roommate Matt who lives in Tolland, I downvote him because I think Tolland is easy to lost in.
A villain  
gas prices, I couldnt think of a true common enemy but I think we all hate what we see when we go to the pumps
A hero
This is for Paul Mastrantuone, a great friend of mine who has always looked out for me. Currently he is over seas in special forces in the army. This is a picture of a memorial in my town of all the Middlebury folks who have served for our country so I thought it would be a good substitute until we have our next drink together.
The final Installment; my podcast
I put the url of my pod cast because I have been trying to get to this embedded and it wont work. So here is the url to the page and embedded mpr3.

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