YOLO – Lindsay LaChance


My social media verb is “share”. I think that the context that share is used in real life vs the internet is very different. Sharing in real life involves a physical involvment of sharing something usually of worth, while sharing on the internet is sharing a digital item, usually posting them on multiple sites/social media. Sharing in real life usually involves generosity, while sharing on the internet usually is more selfish, as one wishes to show off to their friends/followers what is going on in their lives.

The action I chose was to physically share a slice of “home made” pizza. I think that pizza is one of the most common things to share because it already comes in slices, and is usually bought for multiple people!

1.) A family member: Sophie my dog!

Sophie was very curious to see what I had in store, I think she was disappointed when she realized it wasn’t edible!


2.) An Authority figure: Jesenia my manager!


3.) A Team: Amanda and Myself!


Amanda and I are just two of the eight supervisors at Price Rite in Willimantic! We work every day as a team to make sure the front end runs smoothly.

4.) Something non-human: A portrait of Marilyn Monroe


Yes, she is human… but since she’s deceased the only way I can share pizza is with a inanimate photo of her.

5.) A Stranger: Joel


Joel was waiting to pick up his girlfriend from work, and was a good sport when I asked him to participate!

6.) A Professional: Rachel – Miss Coors Light


Profession model & spokesperson for the official beer of NASCAR: “She’s been a fan for years, and has been around the Charlotte track at speeds way over 100 mph. She’ll be at every race giving out the Pole award, getting behind the scenes access, capturing exclusive interviews, and firing up race fans”

7.) Someone who doesn’t look like you: My brother – Brandon


We’re family, but look wise he is almost 100% my father while I am 100% my mother, which makes us look different!

8.) Someone who doesn’t live in the same town as you: Marilyn Perez


Marilyn lives in Willimantic, while I live in Coventry. But she’s originally from Puerto Rico, and came here to America about 3 years ago!

9.) A Villian – My little sister – Brooke


I love her to death, but being only 8 years old brooke is by far the closest thing to a villain in my life!

10.) A hero – Thomas


Thomas is a security guard at our store, and has helped numerous customers with problems and has even helped a woman find her son!


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