Rebecca Plungis’ Dream Interview Chuck Close

50 to my dream interview, Chuck Close



Chuck Close has been one of my favorite artists since high school. His high attention to detail is something to be admired as well as his ability to overcome his physical circumstances and create beautiful large scale works of art. As a lover of big paintings, Close fills that hunger when I see his work hanging in a gallery. It is really food for the soul and everyone stands in awe at its presence. Closes’ work is unique, I don’t know any other artist who works like he does and thats something else I love about him. His style is his own and it’s so “Chuck Close” just like Jackson Pollock has his own signature, Chuck Close has his. No one can mimic the intense photo, hyper realistic style Close has. The following are 50 questions I would ask Close if I had the chance. 

1)  Do you find that people have looked up to you or down on you because of the school(s) you’ve


2)  What advice would you give to a person just graduating with their bachelors degree in art?

3)  How many paintings/drawings have you sold?

4)  If money were given to you another way do you think you would have sold your paintings or

kept them?

5)  How do you get inspired?

6)  Does your faith or spiritual beliefs play a role in your artwork?

7)  How did you decide that you wanted to be an artist for a living?

8)  Do you find social media playing a role in getting your name out there even more?

9)  How did you become so well known before social networking sites such as facebook and


10) What advise would you give someone who wants to become well known in the art community?

11) What is your favorite piece of artwork that you have ever made?

12) Growing up was your family well to do ? How has your families financial status affected your

career and success?

13)  If you could meet any artist who passed before you who would it be and why?

14) What was the hardest obstacle for you to overcome in your career?

15) How many hours a week do you spend working on new art?

16) Do you like being famous? Or would you trade it in for a more private life?

17) Were any of your relatives artists?

18) How have your friends and family influenced your passion for art?

19) Would you describe yourself as a go getter or more of a laid back person? How has your

personality effected your success?

20) How has being an artist effected your personal family life?

21) Who would you consider your greatest rival in the art world?

22) Has anyone ever tried to claim one of your paintings as their own work?

23) How do you handle sales of your artwork?

24) Do you have a manager dealing with your booking and showings of your work or do you do

that yourself?

25) What do you like to do aside from artwork? How does that balance of work and play effect your


26) Did you like teaching?

27) What was your favorite school to teach at?

28) At what point in your life did you start seeing the fruit of your labor?

29) How have your disabilities effected your life? Such as your dyslexia?

30) Were their any moments in your life where you wanted to throw in the towel and start a new


31) If you could do anything else aside from art what would it be?

32) If you were to change your painting style, what would be the style you would jump to?

33) Have you come in contact with people who have tried to mimic your style?

34) Do you ever get bored with painting faces?

35) What is one feature you love most about the human face?

36) What part of the face is the hardest for you to paint?

37) Do you ever get tired of working in a grid format?

38) At what age did you finally look at your art and think , “Oh this is good.”

39) Did you ever have a teacher whom you really disliked?

40) When you were applying to Yale what were your emotions?

41) Did you think you were going to be accepted into Yale?

42) What was your favorite teacher at Yale University?

43) Do you think that by attending Yale people looked at your artwork more seriously?

44) What was your favorite part about going to Yale?

45) Were you nervous for your interview and portfolio review when applying to Yale?

46) What advice would you give to a student applying to Yale’s Graduate program?

47) What was life like after Yale? Did you immediately find a job?

48) How old were you upon graduating with your masters degree?

49) What are your artistic plans for the future?

50) What are your dreams for the future? Do you think that by being famous they will be easier to



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