Iñaki Ormaechea’s Dream Interview: Robert De Niro


If I could interview any artist imaginable, without a doubt it would be Robert De Niro.  Ever since I saw Raging Bull when I was a teenager I have been a huge fan of his.  He seems like a normal guy who I can relate to.  I am also impressed with his longevity in Hollywood.  It’s a cut throat business, you have young stars always on the cusp and it is tough to remain around as long as he has.  I am also interested to get his take on social media, as when he first started out it was nonexistent.  It would be interesting to hear what he thinks of twitter and facebook, and if he has accepted this movement and embraced it or if he has refused to deal with it.


  1. Do you use social media?
  2. If so, what forms of social media do you use?
  3. Do you have someone that handles your social media for you or do you do it yourself?
  4. Do you think it is a positive that your fans can have such easy access to you personally through social media?
  5. Do you think sites like Netfilx and Hulu have helped or hurt actors?
  6. Do you even know what Netflix and Hulu are?
  7. Is their one specific social media site you visit?
  8. If so what makes this your favorite?
  9. Did you always want to be actor?
  10. If you weren’t n actor what would you do?
  11. If your child decided to act would you encourage or discourage them?
  12. Who were your idols growing up?
  13. Which of them influenced you the most?
  14. Did they influence you in work or in your personal life?
  15. Which of your movies was your favorite?
  16. Why?
  17. Who would you consider to be the worst actor ever?
  18. Who would you consider to be the best actor ever?
  19. Do you think young actors nowadays are too interested in fame rather than the art?
  20. Do you find it odd that people are interested in knowing about your personal life?
  21. Have you ever gotten frustrated and wanted to punch a media member?
  22. How do you control this frustration?
  23. Would you ever consider punching a media member and then tweet and YouTube it?
  24. Would you ever hire an employee who’s only job was to tweet for you?
  25. Do you find this to be excessive?
  26. How many auditions did you have to go on before you got your first role?
  27. When you were younger and starting out, did you ever get frustrated and feel like quitting?
  28. If you could go back would you consider another profession, is it worth it?
  29. What young actors out now would you consider to be the next quality actor or actress?
  30. Do you ever reach out to give them tips and advice?
  31. I loved the movie Deer Hunter, will you ever make another movie with Meryl Streep?
  32. Do you follow any actors or actresses on social media?
  33. If so, who?
  34. What is your guilty pleasure?
  35. What are the top five attributes an actor/actress should have and why?
  36. Do you think actors are born with that “it” factor, or is it something you have to work to get?
  37. How many movies have you made in your career?
  38. Are you proud of all of them or are there some you regret?
  39. If so which ones and why?
  40. Has the Tribeca Film Festival enabled you to stay up on the industry?
  41. If there was one movie that you would like to make, what would it be?
  42. Who would you most like to work with next?
  43. I understand you own restaurants in New   York, do you use social media to promote them?
  44. What do you think about the new wave of online reviews, has this helped or hindered your restaurant business?
  45. Do you think that social media can really drive change in people’s decision making, whether it be what movie to see or where to eat?
  46. Do you think that social media has desensitized us, have we lost the true human connection?
  47. Would you rather hold an interview via skype or conference call, or would you rather meet face to face?
  48. Do you skype with Martin Scorsese on a regular basis?
  49. Do you think it is a good idea for your actors and actresses to share as much as they do on social media?
  50. Do you care about any of this and do you even know what social media is?

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