Kasey Lou Lindley

Welcome to the Featured Artists page. Here creative professionals share their experiences and give some advice on how they navigate the web!

Kasey Lou

What is your name?

 Hi! My name is Kasey Lou Lindley and my website is Kaseyloulindley.org

Describe your creative practice. Are you a visual artist, musician, craftsperson, apparel designer, blogger, etc?

I’m a multimedia artist and my main focus is on painting. I love to play with the idea of what a painting is and what a painting can be, and sometimes that entails the use of three-dimensional elements, video, sound, touch, and smell.

Pixel Park II, 2010

How does social media affect your practice?

I live quite the nomadic lifestyle so social media is extremely important for me. It allows for the ability to keep people informed about my art endeavors, and it gives me the ability to share my experiences and ideas to a broad audience — I’ve been contacted for collaborations, exhibitions, and interviews on a number of occasions because of my virtual presence. Also, I love to keep up with what’s going on — both directly and indirectly with the art world — and I’ve found that social media has been very helpful in that regard. I rely heavily on Facebook and blogs to stay informed about art openings, reviews, criticism, call for entries, conventions, and art in general.

My Little Pony, 2013

Do you promote your work via the Internet? Why do you use the internet?

Yes, I maintain a website and two blogs. One is for personal work — finished, and works in progress — and one is for news, inspiration, writing, collecting, reminders, etc. I use the internet because it’s a good way for me to share ideas with people near and far, and it’s a good way for me to organize my work, thoughts, and inspiration. For example, if I’m writing an artist statement or essay, maintaining a blog is helpful because I can go back and see what I was looking at, and thinking about, at a certain time.

Plastic Soup, 2011

What are some websites, social networks or other digital media that you find yourself using, loving and/or lurking on a somewhat regular basis?

Facebook is great for staying in touch with peers and staying informed about events.

WOOLOO and ArtSlant are great for maintaining an archive of notable exhibitions I’ve participated in and finding artists, open calls, and events.

TumblrBlogger, and WordPress are great for following blogs about art, criticism, and other miscellaneous subjects of interest.

ArtfagcityNew York TimesHuffington post,The Guardian, and Hyperallergic are great for finding reviews, criticism, exhibitions, artists, and current events.

Youtube and Vimeo for uploading and exploring othersvideos.

Soundcloud for posting my sound projects and exploring others sound projects.

 and I use Google to search for anything and everything.


Are there any creative people [visual artist, musician, craftsperson, apparel designer, blogger, etc] who are using web platforms in a particularly interesting way?

I love it when a group of friends come together and collaborate to create a blog or website that consists of what they deem to be of interest, like OOZE for example. I think it’s important to look to other sources for knowledge about art and culture, but I also think it’s good for groups of people to share their perspective on art and culture as well, and I think doing this within a virtual platform is a healthy and informative way to share ideas. I love on-line curated websites and blogs because, depending on where you’re located, it’s easier to continue to view art projects — likeMOCAtv.

Kasey Lou

Are there any websites/ web platforms that you have found to be less helpful, not as interesting or even taboo for creative people to use?

I don’t quite understand the interest in Twitter or Instagram, I’ve tried both and I didn’t see the appeal. However, I felt that way about Facebook at one point, and now sometimes I’m on it way too much!

What advice would you give to artists, musicians, bloggers, and online retailers?

Keep exploring, stay curious, have fun, and always attempt to approach each endeavor with love and care. Community is so important in your professional development so communicate and collaborate with like-minded individual as much as possible, and maintain a positive and professional presence both on and off the web.



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