Persona Project

For this assignment students had a month to invent an online persona that they promoted via social media. Students then hosted an event on behalf of their personas.


ATOM The Rapping Hamster a YouTube sensation, or will be at least. Atom hosts online collaborative rap sessions with his fans.

Yarnatee avid crocheter, yarn artist, yarn bomber and chihuahua enthusiast.


Mia Bet a 24 year old girl who takes old items and restores them. Her company is called Make me New again.

Suzie Q is a fashion designer that attended the Fashion Institute in New York.  Suzie Q designs Ugly Sweaters for the entire family!
Lulu Hopps created a bowling league to be appealing to all!
David Riggs aka “David Instant Lock Riggs”  a League of Legends player who offers strategies and advance through playing the game in a more relaxed fashion.
Honeycrisp infinity scarf designer
Jacob Robertson car enthusiast.
Picture 2
Snoopy Freak a general social media user trying to get their instagram photos and tweets liked and noticed online.
Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 2.24.09 PM

The Basque Bull vs The Greek Hammer

“The Main Event”

Background on “The Basque Bull”:

  • Bull rider from the Basque Land
  • Rodeo for the past twenty years
  • Fisherman
  • Kayaker
  • Golfer
  • Loves the outdoors
  • Strength trains consistently
  • 33 years old, in pretty good shape
  • Has played racquetball before, but is not as experienced as “The Greek Hammer”

Background on “The Greek Hammer”:

  • Played four years of division I varsity football
  • Avid tennis and racquetball player for the past 30 plus years
  • Fly fisherman
  • Boater
  • Golfer
  • Even though he’s 64 years old he keeps himself in pretty good shape
  • Smokes a pipe
JL  Nail services and jewelry making for individual consultation, birthday parties, events, and commission.
Picture 1

Bubba and Dorthy Zass


Dorthy and Bubba were 18 years old when they met in their woodshop class, and it was love at first screw…driver. They dated for a year when Bubba asked Dorthy to marry him at a Kenny Chesney concert. Soon after being married, they began on their determination to have 13 children after the 13 stripes on the American flag. They were in luck when their first-borns were actually twins, named Bobby-Jo and Bobby-Sue. Soon after, FayFay Jerry-Lee, Junior, Shaneyney, Woody, Dooby, Rufus, Bart, Odis, Buck, and Peggy were all born and Bubba and Dorthy had their huge family they had always dreamed of. Their love for coupons came through their drive to save money and support their huge family. They began by dumpster diving with their children every Sunday, using all 13 of them to search for the best new deals that were thrown away. Dorthy does most of the clipping, as she is a stay at home mom, while Bubba works at Dave Buck Tractor Factory.

Dorthy and Bubba were introduced to the internet world through their eldest daughters who were sick of spending their Sundays in the garbage. Soon after, Dorthy and Bubba realized they could expand their coupon kingdom by printing instant coupons from the Internet. They decided that since they were so good at saving money, they should share their thoughts and knowledge with others by throwing a coupon clipping party. They began planning their “Coupons for Dummies” party, supplied with plenty whiskey and coupons. They would teach all their friends on how be a “sooper coopon clipper”.


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