Kevin McLaughlin

cover photo

Name: Kevin McLaughlin

Year: Senior

Major: Elementary Education and Digital Art & Design

I think social media is very interesting because its become such a core part of our daily lives. With out social media the world would incalculably  different than it is now. The power of instants information being spread to however who wants it (and sometime even if they dont) is amazing. We can follow our loved ones who are aboard, keep up with our favorite celebrities and more.

The reason I took this class was because I am hoping to learn about how to effectively use social media to promote who I am as artist. But I also I want to learn how to use it as a way to gather information as an teacher. By having connections to professionals in the field I can be constantly learning more about learning. And finally I like being in the loop so mastering social media is a good way to stay with the times which is important to me.

My facebook page here

Some of my work from eastern

cover for zine ecsu youtube poster Print final cover life magzine


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