YOLO Tiffany Calkins

yolo tiffany calkins

Performative Action:

The performative action that I chose to represent ‘tweet’ was “to compliment.” For me, tweeting is to convey an idea or opinion, so I chose a compliment as a positive thing that could come from a tweet.

A family member

An authority figure

photo 2 copy

This is my grandfather, one of my biggest influences. As a child, at first, I was deathly afraid of that mustache, but once I got used to it I loved to play with it and wouldn’t leave it alone.

A team

photo 3-1

This little man loves sports (boyfriend nephew Maverick), I don’t but I figured he could probably make me like the Redsox just because he’s so darn cute.

Something nonhuman

photo 4

This is Kailee, she’s the most well behaved little dog I have ever met. Normally, not a fan of little dogs. She’s also really soft, because she’s a Yorkie.

A stranger

photo 1

My little brother has turned into such a stranger lately, we used to live together but recently he moved out and now I never see him. Also he now has a beard.

A professional

Someone who doesn’t look like you

photo 2 copy 2

He deffinitaly doesn’t look like me.

Someone who doesn’t live in the same town as you

A villain

A hero

photo 1 copy

Favorite Hero of all times.





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