Kyle Strange

Kyle Strange

I work with Kyle Strange in my current job.  Kyle works with multiple art forms.  He likes to create all kinds of music, create and edit short films, and refurbish old furniture to create art out of them.  I find Kyle to be a very interesting guy as he always has some cool new project going on.  He is extremely creative and I was interested to see how he utilizes social media to promote his artwork.  What I learned through the interview, and was surprised to hear, is that Kyle does not use the traditional social media forms that I would have expected.  Instead he relies on his friends and bandmates to do this for him.

Here are the 50 questions, 20 plus of which were asked.  However it really got away from the traditional interview process and turned more into a conversation.  Which worked well to keep Kyle relaxed, as he was not overly excited to be taped (however he did agree to it to help me out).

  1. Does social media make your art any less special?
  2. Is their a specific point in your life that let you know you had a specific gift?
  3. Do you have someone that inspired you?
  4. If you could list the top five things that inspire you what would they be? And why?
  5. Are any of the things that inspire you accessible through social media?
  6. Does success matter?
  7. What forms of social media do you use on a regular basis?
  8. Which is your favorite form of social media?
  9. Which is your least favorite form of social media and why?
  10. Do you follow anyone on twitter that you admire, but have never met?
  11. If so, who?
  12. Who do you follow on social media that you find the most interesting?
  13. How would you define success?
  14. Do you put any credence in the number of friends or followers that you have, do you feel that means your art is successful?
  15. Is social media the best way for you to promote your art?
  16. Does your family have the same background in art?
  17. If you had one do over what would it be and why? (Pertaining to your art)
  18. Was their another love, for example: sports, or academics that you could have pursued?
  19. When you’re creating art, does it seem like work?
  20. What is your philosophy on life and your art?
  21. Where do you see yourself in five years?
  22. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
  23. Do you think that social media will be as important or your main source of promotion in ten years?
  24. Is their a possibility that you might quit your art?  Or rather have you ever encountered this  thought?
  25. What attribute do you most look for in people?
  26. When using social media, what aggravates you and why?
  27.  Describe your ideal day, from morning to sunrise how would it all play out?
  28. Would working on art and social media be included in your best day?
  29. Would you say you have taken a road less traveled or not?
  30. Do you plan to follow a specific route for your success?
  31. Do material things matter to you?
  32. Do you think that things happen for a reason?
  33. What’s your favorite color?
  34. If you could invite four people to dinner who would they be and why?
  35. Do you think motivational quotes are helpful?
  36. Is positive thinking something you believe in and practice?
  37. Does it help to be positive all the time or do you feel sometimes sadness has its place and helps with your art?
  38. Any vices? Do you wish to share them with me?
  39. Have you had any life experiences that have helped shape your art?
  40. Do you keep your personal life separate from your art on social media (separate sites, etc.)?
  41. Do you have a personal facebook page?  Do you have a professional facebook page?
  42. If you don’t have a personal page what are your reasons for not?
  43. Do you feel that social media has enabled you to promote your art and yielded any substantial gains?
  44. Do you think you could fully sustain your art and promotion through social media?
  45. Do you still rely on traditional promotional tactics, such as posters, word of mouth, etc?
  46. Do you think social media has desensitized us, have we lost the human connection?
  47. Who is a leader that you admire and why?
  48. Have you ever received any negative responses on your social media sites pertaining to your art?
  49. How do you or would you deal with this criticism?
  50. Have you ever left negative replies on someone’s social media site?  If so, what was it and why?

Click here to see my interview with Kyle.

-Iñaki Ormaechea



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