Tiffany Calkins Dream Interview: The Incredible Hulk


The Incredible Hulk is an idol in the realm of fitness, in both the original sense of Lou Ferrigno playing him on the original TV series and is still an idol as an animated character in the movie remakes and the Avengers. Many aspire to look as closely to the Hulk as they possibly can. In this interview, I had to word my questions so that the Hulk could understand them.

Hulk’s FaceBook.

Hulk’s Twitter.

1. Hulk use social media?

2. Social media make hulk angry?

3. Hulk have many friends/followers on his accounts?

4. Hulk think social media helpful in making hulk more famous?

5. Hulk have many “likes” or interests on Facebook?

6. Hulks favorite social media site?

7. Hulk follow any fitness/body building blogs?

8. If so, Hulk have any favorite?

9. Hulk get any of his work out routines off social media sites?

10. Hulk use social media for business or social aspects more?

11. Hulk run his own social media sites, or have someone take care of it?

12. Hulk follow any followers?

13. Do bad things said about Hulk on social media make Hulk angry?

14. Hulk career advance because of social media at all?

15. What does Hulk like to do for fun?

16. What does a typical Hulk’s day look like?

17. Hulk appear in another Incredible Hulk movie?

18. How was working with the other Avengers in the most recent movie?

19. How does Hulk keep his temper under control around Iron Man?

20. Hulk have personal social media accounts?

21. Hulk keep a blog?

22. Hulk use any supplements?

23. Hulk chose his own default images on his pages?

24. Hulk ever say something while angry he regretted on social media?

25. Hulk get angry that there are a lot of hulk impersonators?

26. Hulk always angry?

27. Hulk have a smart phone?

28. Hulk ever use smart phone applications?

29. Which ones?

30. What makes Hulk angry?

31. Hulk find social media useful or distracting?

32. Hulk ever receive hate posts or mail?

33. Hulk get angry? Or how does Hulk deal with it?

34. Hulk think social media keeps him connected to fans?

35. Hulk get a sneak peak at Iron Man 3?

36. Hulk have any new roles coming up?

37. Hulk have any favorite athletes?

38. Hulk follow any supplement brands on social media?

39. Hulk go to the gym?

40. What one?

41. Hulk continue to use upcoming and new social media?

42. Hulks decision making process in what gets posted?

43. Hulk speak his mind when Hulk verses Bruce Banner?

44. Hulk still with She-Hulk?

45. Social media ever threaten Hulk’s relationship?

46. How did Hulk come up with Hulk smash?

47. Hulk’s favorite actor?

48. Hulk’s favorite TV show?

49. Hulk’s favorite past time?

50. Hulk angry with Tiffany after interview?


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