YOLO Iñaki Ormaechea

Visual Map

I chose the word share as my social media verb.  The bottom half of my visual map represents the virtual time definition, whereas the top half is my interepretation of the real time definition.

Visual Map - Ormaechea

Performative Action

My social media verb is share.  When I share something through social media, I am usually sharing a link, a picture, or a song, really anything that I think people will find interesting.  For my performative action, I decided to share with people my trademark forearm bash.  To me it replaces the usual handshake, and in the flu season we just had it’s germ free.  Really it can be used to say hi or to let someone know they did a good job, you should try it out.

A Family Member

Family Member

My 10 year old niece Gigi, she is extremely shy but I was able to convince her to give me a forearm bash on camera.

Authority Figure

Authority Figure

18 month old Molly, she may look like a sweetheart but she has everyone wrapped around her little finger.  As you can tell she wasn’t having my forearm bash!



Trader Joe’s crew they make it happen in Orange, CT.



Wendell may sometimes try to act like a human, but we all know he’s not.



A customer at Trader Joe’s, he was very good-natured about it all.



This professional mommy never takes a break… multi-tasking, giving me a forearm bash while baby sleeps on her chest.

Someone who doesn’t look like me

Doesn't Look Like Me

Definitely can’t grow a beard like this!

Someone who doesn’t live in the same town

Different Town

This woman lives in Groton, CT.



This year the snow was definitely a villain in my books.



This woman is my wife, she’s a hero in that she has been able to put up with me for the last 7 years… here’s to longevity.


Click here to listen to my podcast which I created using Audacity.  I have described my YOLO project; my social media verb was to share and my performative action was a forearm bash.




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