Jordan Moore’s Dream Interview: Ailera Stone


Ailera Stone is a 21 year old photographer originally from Lithuania. She currently studies photography in London, but she already has amazing work and is recognized as one of the Top 20 Young Photographer’s (2012). She is my dream interview because she has already done with her career what I just wish I can come close to in my life time. She is four years younger and has accomplished so much with her talent and that is really inspiring to me. Check out some of her work on her website.

Interview Questions:

1. How did you first get started with photography?

2. What was your first camera?

3. Your photo shoots look expensive — are they?

4. Why is it so hard to find a photo of you on the internet?

5. How often do you take photographs?

6. To what do you attribute your whimsical style?

7. What events led to your online fame?

8. What was your first commission?

9. How were you commissioned by Coco magazine?

10. Are you excited by your success?

11. What do you ultimately want to accomplish with your photography?

12. Do you use any special lighting?

13. How much of your work is changed with photoshop?

14. How many shots do you take per shoot?

15. How much time is used in preparation?

16. How much time is used to retouch and complete a set of your photos?

17. Which photo editing software do you prefer?

18. Did you have any sort of mentor or person to teach you photo basics/mechanics?

19. What influence has your hometown/upbringing had on your work?

20. It’s difficult to find information about you, would you consider yourself mysterious?

21. If so, why?

22.What is your favorite place to shoot?

23. Do you have a very supportive family?

24. Have you worked any other non photography jobs?

25. How do you direct your models?

26. What are some mishaps that might happen during a shoot?

27. What is the most useful thing that you’ve learned at school in London?

28. How much of an obstacle is your age in your profession?

29. How much is being female an obstacle as a photographer?

30. How important is social media to your photography?

31. Do you use instagram?

32. What kind of cameras do you have now?

33. Do you ever get frustrated with your photos?

34. Is it strange being in school with others that must obviously know of your work (and feel jealous)?

35. How do other students at your school treat you in photography class?

36. What is the most successful of your social media uses in terms of your business?

37. Which social media site do you enjoy using most?

38. Can you imagine not having the Internet?

39. How would that impact your work?

40. I read that you got started on DeviantArt. Can you explain how the inspiration and support of other members helped you with your own art?

41. What would you say are the key ingredients to a really beautiful photo?

42. Who is your favorite photographer?

43. Why?

44. What are your other interests and hobbies?

45. How much time per day do you think you used to watch tutorials when you were starting out?

46. You would make really stunning wedding photos, have you considered this part of the business?

47. Did you make your own website?

48. Do you have any issues with keeping track of your photo’s use/rights?

49. What is your least favorite social media platform?

50. Can you describe your work in one sentence?


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