This page is where Professor Uretsky will post videos and other helpful stuff for the class!



Assignment 5:  Final Feature // Helpful links

Example interview videos:

Amanda Palmer – Interview

Mike Kelley: “Day Is Done” | Art21 “Exclusive”

Julie Mehretu: “Mural” | “Exclusive” | Art21

Lady Gaga Interview in India

Video editing tutorials (iMovie is available on the computers at the Shafer Lab):

How To: iMovie Basics

Written editing instructions

How to import video from your camera to iMovie

How to edit

How to add photos

How to add music and jingles

How to add text

How to add themes

How to export video for youtube

How to upload to youtube


Week 5: Highlights! 

There were some really excellent posts this week! Check out these post from your peers:

Danielle’s post on Snapchat got me thinking about social media, impermanence and the power of ephemeral art works.

Nicole and Brian both posted on Lena Zak’s cyber galleries, I think they both came across something pretty pertinent to our class!

Inaki reminded us that we should be paying a little more attention to each other rather than our devices.

And Jordan’s post on the Blogologues brought some insightful absurdity to the mix.

All of the posts and replies from the week were interesting and exciting, keep up the good work!

Argh! Blackboard

Sorry the video is pretty dark, my intentions were in fact not to look like a demon professor.

Week 2: in review!

Week 2 Post Highlights:

You all are magical students who post wonderful things — AND here are some highlights from the week:

Lindsay’s post
Kevin’s post
Tiffany’s post

Online Persona Question

For a good example of an out of the box event check out my post titled, Art? An event? Food Fight!


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