Jessica Kennedy’s Dream Interview: Lady Gaga

Lady gaga is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, activist, businesswoman, fashion designer, actress and philanthropist. Lady Gaga’s career erupted during the time of social media, if anyone knows how to successfully use social media to promote their work she would be one of the best people to ask.



Interview Questions:

1. Would you consider yourself a technologically savvy person?

2. What was your first computer?

3. Did you ever play Oregon Trail?

4. Can you impersonate a dial up connection?

5. How do you use social media currently to promote yourself?

6. Which is your favorite social media site?

7. Do you post content yourself or do you have people for that?

8. How do you feel about responding to comments?

9. Do you use social media on your phone?

10. If you do, do you get annoyed by the amount of notifications?

11. Do you ever censor yourself?

12. Can you go back and find your first tweet, FB post, instagram picture?

13. Can you remember what you were feeling/thinking at that time?

14. How many FB friends, instagram, and twitter followers/friends do you have?

15. How do you decide who you follow? Do you follow any one?

16. Do you model the way you use social media after anyone?

17. Do you see yourself as an influence?

18. Did you ever use myspace to promote your music?

19. If you did do you remember who was on your top 8?

20. What goes into choosing a  profile picture?

21. Do you have a favorite tweet, post, or picture?

22. Do you enjoy posting pictures more or posting your thoughts?

23. Which do you feel is more affective?

24. Have you ever FB stalked anyone? Who?

25. Do you think social media is ruining face to face relationships? Romantic relationships?

26. What do you think about Amanda Bynes these days? Is she using Social media inappropriately?

27.  What is an effective way to get followers?

28. Do you use hashtags? How do you feel about them?

29. Do you prefer a PC or MAC interface?

30. Do you have an Iphone? Does Iphone sponser you if you do?

31. Do you like that basically every aspect of your life is public?

32. Do you feel as though your words influence others? How do you feel about that?

33. Do you get paid for the views you generate on Youtube?

34. Do you feel youtube has aided you in your success? How?

35. How do you communicate with your global audience?

36. Do you feel you cater more to the American audience than your global audience?

37. Do you ever have to stop yourself from posting something?

38. Do you ever use the check in feature on facebook?

39. Has a company ever asked to compensate you if you were to check in at their establishment on facebook?

40. Do you follow any of your little monsters?

41. Have you ever reached out to Michele phan who has a youtube channel featuring your makeup for poker face?

42.  Do you ever feel alone even though there are countless people who would love to be your friend?

43. Would you consider yourself a feminist, or a supporter of women’s rights?

44. How do you feel about social media impersonators?45.  Would you agree that your fashion sense and wardrobe choices are considered art?

46. Do fashion designers approach you to make things in order to market their brand because of your influence?

47. If you didn’t use social media do you think you would be less successful than you are?

48. Do you owe your success to social media?

49. Would you get rid of it if you could?

50. Do you remember how you first found out about social media? Which site was it?


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