Lauren Hopper`s Dream Interview: Ke$ha


Kesha Rose Sebert is known by her stage name Ke$ha. She is an American Singer/songwriter and rapper. When Ke$ha was 18 she signed with Dr. Luke`s record label, Kemosabe entertainment to start her music career. Her breakthrough finally happed in 2009 after she appeared raping with Flo rida. She released her first album Animal in 2010. She is so unique and different than most artists today, this makes her more appealing to her fans today.

  1. How do you use social media to connect to your fans?
  2. Do you update your own social media?
  3. Who do you follow on social media?
  4. What is your favorite social media?
  5. How has social media built your fan base?
  6. Do you answer your fans on social media?
  7. Has your social media change now that you have your own show on Mtv?
  8. Has your social life on social media changed since your famous?
  9. Did you use social media to get noticed?
  10. Do you use social media, to promote positive events?
  11. Has social media affected any of your relationships?
  12. Have you ever has a negative events happen with social media?
  13. Do you use social media to see how people feel about you or your songs?
  14. Do you think social media helped your career evolve?
  15. Do you think social media is important?
  16. Do you social media make it easier to bully others?
  17. Have you been bullied with social media?
  18.  Do you think there is any “strategy” behind using social media?
  19. How would you promote tours and new releases without social media?
  20. Do you stay connected with your family on social media?
  21. Where do you think social media is headed?
  22. Have you ever had a fight on social media?
  23. Did it go public?
  24. Did social media help you get famous?
  25.  Did you think social media helps you career
  26. Do you think social media has changed the music industry?
  27.  Do you think that social media has made it too easy for fans to connect with their ideals?
  28. Do you like your fans on your social media?
  29. Do you follow other celebrates on their social media?
  30.  Describe your favorite social media experience?
  31. Explain your worsts?
  32. Would you fellow other celebrates you weren`t famous?
  33. Do you feel social media could be overwhelming?
  34.  If so why?
  35. How do you pick pictures for your social media pages?
  36. Do your producers decide what is on your page?
  37. What is the first social media site you used ?
  38. Do you have a blog?
  39. If so, Do you right everything on your blog?
  40. Do you get inspiration for songs off social media?
  41. Do you find social media addicting at all?
  42. Do your think social media is useful for business not just personal use?
  43. What is your everyday like on social media?
  44. Do you have target audiences, for each different type of social media?
  45. If you don`t have control of your social media, do you wish you did?
  46. How important is social media to you?
  47. Would you ever delete your social media sites?
  48. How do you think it would feel?
  49. How do you think your fans would react?
  50.  What is your favorite story, which happened with social media?

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