YOLO Lindsay Hopkins

My performative action was making an acrostic poem for each of the 10 people. Since a lot of my family and friends and others were away, I decided to FaceTime most of them. For the others that were more difficult to get in contact with, I sent them a picture of the poem and they responded via text message! It was actually a fun thing to do, thinking about what I like most or general qualities about all of these people! Everybody was eager to help me out which was awesome!


Erin! Friend from a different town!


Ashley! “Team:” we’ve always been so close and always work through things together, I see that as a team.


iHome! Something non-human, I love music and this helps the party get started!


Lilly! My “puppy,” who is 7 years old. She was our second golden, my “Hero” because at first my mom didn’t want to get another one after my first dogs passing, we came across Lilly and we fell in love!


My mother, Lisa! She is a professional fourth grade teacher!


My dad, Steve! He was definitely confused about what face to make haha! Family member!


Maggie, my roommate. She wasn’t in wifi so we couldn’t FaceTime, so I figured this was the best solution! But, she is blonde and short, definitely doesn’t look like me!


DISHES: THE VILLIAN! We have a broken dishwasher so dishes are not our friends.


Liz, who is camera shy, is an authority figure as a manager at her work!


Dana, who is always working and can never answer her phone! She was a stranger to me at first but we became friends shortly after!

I chose the social media/real time definition of the word “POKE.”Visual Map- "Poke"


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