This page is a series of tutorials created and collected for ART 365 Social Media for Artist students to explore and apply to their own web practices.

Week 9: adding your YOLO Project Page

Hi class!

In order to post your Assignment 4: Visual Map to the YOLO Project  page you’re going to have to create your own YOLO Project Page that is parented under the YOLO Project page.

You’ve had some practice with this when you completed your About Me assignment. Here is a refresher…

Sign in to WordPress with you’re username

Once at the dashboard, select the Pages icon and then select Add New

Screen shot 2013-03-14 at 6.32.44 PM

Title your new page YOLO Your Name. e.g. YOLO Jamie Uretsky

Using the Add Media button upload an image of your Visual Map. You can write a little something about your map if you want , but it isn’t required.

If you created a map in powerpoint, video or some other alternative medium you will have to document your map with screen shots, video stills or even hosting your video on youtube or vimeo before posting to WordPress.

Before you Publish your YOLO Project Page, you must parent your new page under the the YOLO Project heading (page).

Here’s how:

Locate the Page Attributes box on the right side of your screen.

Screen shot 2013-03-14 at 6.46.23 PM

Select the drop down menu located under Parent

Screen shot 2013-03-14 at 6.47.55 PM

Select YOLO Project 

Screen shot 2013-03-14 at 6.48.30 PM

Now you are ready to Publish!

Screen shot 2013-03-14 at 6.49.31 PM

You can check if you have published correctly by hovering over the Class Stuff button then hovering again over the YOLO Project button. You should see your name. Select your name and you should be directed to your YOLO Project Page.

Screen shot 2013-03-14 at 6.50.24 PM

Contact me with questions!


Week 4: tumblr // how to!


For an in-depth look at tumblr watch these lynda.com tutorials.

For a quick look check out this super helpful video on tumblr basics:

via thoughtshots on youtube.

tumblr also has a great help site.

Week 3: WordPress, twitter and facebook // how to!


bluehost has some great youtube videos about how to create a WordPress site, check them out here.


How to create a blog / post page in WordPress by bluehost

How to make a Photo Gallery / Plugins by bluehost


via www.howcast.com

Also, check out howcast.com’s video page on How to Use Social Media!

Become a Twitter Master with Rik Logtenberg

Post pictures on Twitter via mahalo.com


Create, edit and customize your Facebook via mahalo.com.

Week 2: Tutorial. How to add a Assignment 1 to The Students section of our site.

First, watch this video:

Creating a New Page in WordPress | WordPress Basics via ThesisVideoTutorials

Then, add Assignment 1 content.

Add photos by clicking on the Add Media button:

Add media

Check out this tutorial for a more on Add Media.

BEFORE you publish you have to set the Parent Page.

Look for the Page Attributes box. It should be on the page (Add New Page ) you are currently working on.


Locate the drop down menu labeled Parent and click the drop down menu.


Select The Students.

If you have added content, pictures and setting the Parent page to The Students then your post is ready to PUBLISH!

More on adding a Parent page here.

Week 1: Tutorial. Intro to class blog, how to create a new post and leave a comment on class blog.

Photoshop Tutorial : How To Change the DPI [60 Seconds] Beginner

via TutorVidCom


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