Kevin McLaughlin’s Dream Interview: Sean “day9” Plott

Hello Everyone, Kevin Mclaughlin here and my dream interview is Sean PLott.


Sean Plott, more commonly known by his online alias Day(9), is an e-sports commentator for StarCraft II and a former professional StarCraft: Brood War player, known for his daily podcast on his website Day9TV. I wanted to pick Day9 because he is a streamer and shout caster and professional streaming is a lot like social media expect one huge difference. That is that streamers need to get viewers and more importantly sponsors on their channel or they dont get paid and since streaming is usually 10 hours a day or more; one cannot really work a full time job on the side. Becoming a pro streamer is a huge risk that can turn into a dream, or a financial nightmare. So for streamers, getting that following that most people just like to have isn’t just fun; its their job, their income and their life. So I wanted to get to know what the life of a streamer is really like.


1.Did social media help you get to where you are today?
2. If it, how did it help you get there.
3.What is your favorite platform of social media?
4.Which is your least favorite?
5.As a famous shout caster, which social media platforms would recommend to up and coming shout casters/streamers?
6. Do you like social media? or do you think it has become a bother/has to much control over today’s world?
7.Out of the social media you use which do you think/do update the most and why?
8. Stream is obivoulsy the most important thing for a streamer/shout caster; would you say the social media is the most important in promotion or is something else and what would it be?
9. Do you think twitter is a great means of informing your followers of when you are stream?
10.Do you have professional social media pages and then a private set? or do you think the community would  be less expecting of you because of that?
11. Do you use certain social media platforms for certain tasks? ie, twitter for when you will stream, facebook for discussion and tumbler for pictures/memes?
12.Do you like memes? why/why not?
13. Do you ever forgot to update your social media?
14 Follow up, what kinds of reactions or consequences can happen from this?
15. Do you need to use a reminder or something to keep up with your social media?
16. DO you have someone or an automated system for any part of your social media?
17. As famous individual, whats it like to be on the other side of the fence?
18. Do you have time to keep up and follow other people or does updating your social media make it difficult to follow others?
19. Who if any are your favorite people to follow?
20. How often do you retweet things or do you not retweet?
21. As a redditor; how do you feel about reposts?
22. Have you ever made the front page? If so how did it feel?
23. Do you think that your website is a strong enough platform that you don’t really need social media?
24. How evolved were you in the making of your website?
25. If you can tell me, how many subscribers do you have from streaming?
26. As a streamer, a part of your income comes from viewers. Do you need to work another job to keep in the green?
27. A follow up question, many people fear becoming full time streamers because of the financial risk? what would say to them and how did you feel back in the day when you didnt have as many streamers?
28. How much social media time do you use trying to get more sponsors? has it changed as you gotten more popular?
29. What privilege do you give sponsors in regaring social media?
30. Do you sponsor anyone?
31. Do you feel any rivalries through social media trying to get sponsors and viewers?
32. What is your record number of viewers?
33. What is the highest number of sponsors you have had?
34. First, congratulations to making it to over 500 podcasts and with 600 podcasts close insight I have to ask; Do you see a number that you plan to stop at? or do you just plan to keep on streaming and shout casting until you lose interest in it?
35.Becoming a streamer is much easier thanks to websites like twitch; how did you go about evolving into a shout caster?
36. How important is dress in shout casting versus streaming? (love the polo by the way)
37. How important is language in social media and in your streaming/shout casting? Both in the sense of articulation and knowing the lango of your community?
38. As people who watch your stream know, you often snap, whack and or clap your fingers during your stream. Is there a reason behind and what if possible what is the reason?
39. If you had to use only one type of social media platform what would it be? (facebook, twitter,tumblr,reddit)
40. Do you ever feel like bias comes into your social media posts? and if so do you prefer to voice your opinion or try to remain factual?
41. You are a pillar in the SC community, what drew you into the game and stay with it all this time since back in the day with the original SC and SC Brood War?
42. How has shout casting/streaming changed since the days when you started?
43. Do you like these changes in the video game world?
44. Whats the weirdest thing you have been asked/told/hear of through social media?
45. I know you are a random player in SC but is there any race that you give a extra love to?
46. Blizzard is the maker of SC; how connected to their social media are you? Do you retweet and promote or do you actually get evolved more with them?
47. How do you see the future of social media effecting you?
48. DO you have any hopes for how social media might change or grow?
49. How much did build your streaming setting up? recording equipment and all that?
50.What is the most valuable thing you have learned from social media?


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