100 Great Artists on Etsy

Besides all the social media we have all come to accept socially, I believe the site etsy.com is another low key social media player. Although it is more like an online market, it can go hand and hand with social media sites like facebook, twitter, and pinterest to promote the selling of products. I believe that for artists, etsy is the first step in getting your product out there and known, and is an easy way to sell it in a marketplace that is 100% virtual.

This article gives 100 artists on etsy, that are all amazing and worth checking out! It is fun to look and explore what people are selling on etsy, as most of the time these are artists that could have never been known without the virtual market world.



-Lindsay LaChance


2 thoughts on “100 Great Artists on Etsy

  1. Lindsay, I’ve heard a lot of great success stories from people who sell items on Etsy. None of them being fine artists, however. What I have found through testing out the waters and opening up my own Etsy account, that people are mostly interested in things that pertain to their life events, for example, weddings are one of the biggest events people shop for, as a bride to be I can attest that I’ve gone on Etsy more looking for items for my wedding than I have looking for fine art from the next up and coming painter. I think that in order to make a living selling products from Etsy that you MUST consider the market you are catering to, it is this way with any successful business. I definitely believe artists can make a living from Etsy but it may not be in the field they are most passionate about. I know of a woman who makes cake toppers for wedding cakes and they sculpts them to look like the people, I’m sure this wasn’t her greatest passion- probably sculpting was but it was more than likely not sculpting little cake toppers. However, she was able to use her talents and abilities to do something that she knew she was good at and marketed herself to the proper cliental. Nice post.

    Post by Becky Plungis

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