Some Solutions to Social Media Hijacking

the recent hacking of two major brand accounts (Burger King and Jeep) should have prompted some conversations and concern among those of you who manage a Twitter account for your brand. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 multinational or a local small business armed with Tweetdeck and a prayer, it’s time to do some deeper thinking about security. –
This is reality short article and probably one most people would over look due to the “o that wont happen to me” me complex. But I saw a post on Reddit about burger king and jeep being hacked and sure enough this article soon followed. With social media we put so much of ourselves out there that sometimes we might over extend a bit, and any good hacker could easily pick up our account and ruin our life because of it. I would recommend getting an automated security check for whatever you can, a lot of different programs them. I actually have one for one of my online games so my account doesn’t get hacked. but here is a quick four step summary of how to be safe
  • Change passwords often
  • Be extra-wary of any email that asks for one, or gives you a link to sign in
  • Train your team on how to recognize malware link-jacks
  • Use a hidden email address

here is the article

by Kevin Mclaughlin

2 thoughts on “Some Solutions to Social Media Hijacking

  1. This article caught my attention because I, too, have been wary of my own personal identity online and how I could potentially be hacked or have my identity stolen. But as you stated, the Internet seems so vast a place that we often think it will never happen to us. Except if it can happen to major corporations like Burger King and Jeep, what would stop a hacker from getting our information? People are so quick to put out their information without thinking about the consequences that could potentially occur. Not only are we living in an era where your online artwork could be stolen or reproduced, but also an era where your identity or “brand name” could be hacked.

    Posted by Nicole Romeo

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