An End To Us. – Operation Paul Revere Contest

This video is a submission to a video contest Alex Jones is holding. The grand prize is 100,000k. My friends, Jordan & Tim made this video together in hopes of winning that prize. This again is just more proof of amazing video art. I am blown away by this, and everyone I’ve shown it to has had that same reaction. I am so blessed to have such talented friends.

This video had to be based off of conspiracy theories. Anyone who knows Alex Jones or knows of him knows thats what he’s all about. Basically uncovering government corruption and lies fed to us by the mainstream media. I don’t necessarily believe everything he says, or even know everything he believes but he does point out interesting information and talks about things that no one else does. But thats a side point….

I wanted to post this video to applaud my friends’ talents. In my opinion they deserve to win, and I’m not just saying that because they are my friends. This video work is impressive, and the acting and script is just as good if not better than what we see in the theaters.

Amazing job Tim & Jordan! Best of luck to both of you.

Video on Youtube!

Learn more information about the contest by following this link!



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