Wanelo – Want, Need, Love

Ok, so I just found out about another online phenomenon which I feel happens a lot lately. So much is being created and improved upon so quickly. Even online shopping is being revolutionized! This website scares me, especially because I was introduced to it first through the mobile app version by a young high school coworker. You can literally sit on your 15 minute break and scroll through Pinterest style images of random clothing and house decoration items that you can BUY INSTANTLY on your phone with maybe three clicks. It is a very tempting and intuitive way to shop, quite like real shopping but without walking or effort. The variety of items available is what makes it addicting. There are items from a plethora of 3rd party companies like Amazon, Forever 21, and other cool stores that I hadn’t heard of before this site exposed them.

The craziest thing is, it’s also social media. You have to create a quick username or sign in with facebook to shop. From there you can show your friends items you like, comment on items together with your friends and also make wishlists that are titled “Thing I Want as Presents” which your friends can see (interesting tactic?). Overall, an interesting use of the Internet.


One thought on “Wanelo – Want, Need, Love

  1. This site reminds me of a combination of Pinterest and Fab.com. I could see a lot of women using Wanelo, including myself. The wishlist concept is a great idea because of the ability to share it with friends. Also, I agree that it is a bit scary. You follow people with similar tastes and the amount of items tailored to your style is dizzying. There is so much to tempt you.

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