Infographic: Social Media Battle of the Sexes posted this infographic which breaks down the differences in social media use between adult men and women.

In a battle of the social sexes, there is no real victor, but the scales tip slightly in favor of women — 71 percent to 62 percent, respectively.

Facebook garners the most users with 67% of online adults. The most female dominant site is Pinterest (not surprising), and the most male dominant is Google+. Wait… people actually use Google+?

Read the article here.


3 thoughts on “Infographic: Social Media Battle of the Sexes

  1. This article stood out to me because it reminded me of a conversation I had with some friends about how women use Instagram more than men and some men find Instagram to be too girly. On the other coin, the girls I hang out with don’t typically use apps that update about sports while the guys I know do. But if girls did use them, and guys used Instagram, that’d be okay too! We live in such a hetero-normative society that it’s not surprising these gender roles seep their way into the social media world.

  2. Interesting article. I think it’s funny how they say women use FB more than men and yet are the ones complaining about how their friends annoy them haha…. Oh women. I can see that being true even in my own life. My fiance barely ever goes on Facebook, but I go on every day- and yet I complain about how I don’t like it very much haha- why do we do this? So strange. I end up deleting Facebook every summer so I don’t spend my life on the stupid internet. It’s amazing how it sucks you in and can make your day totally unproductive. As far as pinterest goes I think it’s obviously a site mainly women like. I think it’s weird whenever I stumble across a male on there. Mostly everything I see is about weddings, getting a bathing suit body or little craft projects you can do around your home, not exactly things the majority of men care about. Funny how males & females are wired differently.

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