5 Ways To Attract More Followers on Instagram

John Barnett, co-creator of Bright Mango’s Wood Camera app, is a professional travel photographer and cinematographer and a contributor to Getty Images. While some photographers reject photo-sharing sites that are aimed at artsy amateurs, Barnett has embraced Instagram as an artistic and social medium. Since joining the network in 2010, he’s attracted more than 43,000 followers.

I thought this was an interesting article because I dont really used intsagram. I do look at the pictures and thats about it. But I cant deny how huge of a following that instagram has. So I think its important to learn about or if you already use it to refresh with this is article.Here are the five main points in the article that we should all walk away with.

1. “The biggest thing you can do is post good content.”

2. Don’t limit yourself to Instagram’s filters.

3. “Don’t clutter people’s feeds with 40 images like people do on Facebook.”

4. “Use appropriate hashtags.”

5. Engage people with similar interests.

article here

also here is a great parody video about instagram that i promise you will love

post by Kevin Mclaughlin


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