Social Media Bussiness apps

This article expresses the most important apps for improving a businesses networking. When reading this blog I learned about all different kinds of apps that  I have never heard of. For example, the bump app is for an andriod and iphone, it allow you to share information like documents from phone to phone without emailing or texting. I guess since I am a student I dont use these apps, but since I am graduating soon its important for me to learn about these new cutting edge apps.

~Lauren Hopper

Hemley, Debbie.2013.26 Mobile Apps to Improve Your Business and Networking. social media examiner.



One thought on “Social Media Bussiness apps

  1. I agree with you! I defiantly need to download some of those apps on the list especially the job search app! Another app that I’ve heads a lot about and need to download is the dropbox app. The company my other class is working for uses it, so I think it’s defiantly an advantage to have. I do find it interesting that the logo quiz falls into the top 26! I mean I know it’s important to know your stuff but aren’t there more important must have business apps?!

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