Chuck Close, Inspiration is for Amateurs

In honor of my final project in this class where we have to come up with 50 questions for our dream interview and 50 for our realistic interview I wanted to share a video that has the person of my dream interview in it. This video features Chuck Close. He is an amazing man and an amazing artist. Listening to him talk is inspiring and uplifting. He offers great insight into his world and his advice for others who are artists. I greatly admire his passion and the life that flows from his paintings and his heart when he speaks of art. In my interview questions I asked a question ” What is your inspiration?” In this video he explains inspiration is for amateurs a very funny line which I had forgotten while I was writing my questions for this project. I think it’s great because artists really don’t have a very easy life many people think creating art is 100% fun all the time but it’s honestly super hard work. I know for myself the painting sort of falls into place as I am working, not before. I usually never have an idea fully crafted upon the start of my paintings but rather just start working and it comes that way. I hope you enjoy this interview staring Chuck Close!

Post By Becky Plungis

Video found on YouTube


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