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If people didn’t share videos on social media I can honestly say I wouldn’t know these videos existed. I came across this one on Facebook and I think the message is extremely powerful. The video is of a boy rapping about issues in the school systems’ in regards to test grades and self-esteem. Test grades have always been a week point for me so I can relate. But what makes this video so interesting is the reference to social media. Social media really does play a huge role in our society.


One thought on “YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS !!!!!!!!

  1. Wow. Definitely makes you speechless for a minute… It’s all very true. It’s hard to go along with what we’re supposed to do to succeed, it’s very discouraging to not get confident answers as to why we’re learning certain things or doing things a certain way. I have always hated that and have assumed it as a part of life. I think like this kid in the clip sometimes but it’s hard to allow yourself to think that way when nothing changes. I’m glad people are standing up to make the future generations refuse the negative standards in education. The points on tuition and stifling creativity were powerful. “Having so much more to say when the teacher says stop writing” that pokes a finger at bad teaching methods for sure.

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