Can you land a job with 140 characters?

Twitter resumes — or “twesumes” — have been touted as the best way for social media-savvy types to snag a dream job.

A 140 character resume? I’m not sure how seriously a future employer would take you if that was all you handed/tweeted them. It is not a bad idea as a supplement to your actual resume. Employers are taking an interest in the online presence of their employees, so why not boost you appeal with a “twesume”?

Read the article here.


– Kara Berglund.


2 thoughts on “Can you land a job with 140 characters?

  1. The title of this article caught my attention because when I scroll through my twitter timeline, the tweets of the people I follow are not always something that I believe an employer would like seeing! If everyone tweeted like their job depended on it, I don’t think a lot of people would tweet some of the things they do. With it’s easy access and freedom to say what you want- many people do not filter what they say. It’s pretty interesting to think about tweeting out your resume or what you could offer a future employer. Definitely not something that could have happened 50 years ago!

    Nicole Romeo

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