Social media and the search for the Boston bombing suspects

“They really were validating the idea of social media. There were millions of sets of eyes looking for these two guys,” he said. “There was nowhere they could turn.”

Social media was once a way for a person to just get information out about themselves and now has turned into a way to reporting news, and in the Boston Bombing case, even to help solve crime! Many were using social media as a way to relay information about the suspect in this case, trying to help authorities figure out who had done this awful thing. Many started on a site called, this is a message-board type site and one user created a sub-reddit called “find the bomber”. This phenomenon is called crowdsourcing and internet users were using the web to help solve the bomber mystery.

One issue was that members on Reddit identified the wrong person a few times, but in my oppinion, so what? The media named off the wrong people several times in the Newtown shooting. They eventually corrected it, and so did the members of In the next big event, maybe these users will solve the crime before authorities. That would be cool, right?


See video/article here.


2 thoughts on “Social media and the search for the Boston bombing suspects

  1. I honestly think its so insane how important twitter is to our lives now. Everyone around the world can report on what is going on, instantly, seamlessly, and now that law enforcement can confirm stories online through their twitters, it brings social media to a whole new level.

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