Forensic artist draws how women see themselves vs. how others see them By Dove

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 11.11.56 PM by DOVE

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I came across this video that was circulating on facebook.  It’s a Dove add that promotes inner beauty. I was really impressed with their add because Dove took the time to promote something more then their product. I think they used social media to their advantage in a positive way.


4 thoughts on “Forensic artist draws how women see themselves vs. how others see them By Dove

  1. Wow, really interesting video. I can relate in a way because I sometimes wonder if the way I view myself is the same or different than the way someone else sees me. This video made it pretty clear that most people see themselves more negatively than others do. What a cool way to investigate this issue by having a forensic artist draw the person based on a description. Shows we should embrace who we are, be happy and our lives will better as a result!

  2. Thanks for sharing this – I had heard about it and was meaning to go look for it. It’s really a pretty powerful video, the women are so sad afterward realizing the difference in how they see themselves. We’re all taught to scrutinize ourselves and it takes away so much confidence. I can definitely relate to the women featured, and I think Dove is really great for trying to expose this unfortunate aspect of our society and to try to get people to work to change it. A better future for women would come from this changing. I also thought it was interesting to note that the second sketches looked so much more like the individual than the first. How we see ourselves makes drawing self portraits pretty difficult too.

  3. Dove’s beauty campaigns never fail to make me feel so much better about myself. We must learn to embrace beauty in all of it’s forms, instead of the mold that society has provided for us. We are quick to call attention to our flaws when we should be celebrating the best parts of ourselves. This video shows that we should not be so hard on ourselves.

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