Stop with the violence down with the hate.

In response to the Boston bombings yesterday this song speaks of peace, universal peace. I find this song super encouraging during times like this because it proves that through the midst of trial and tragedy there are people who are striving for peace and acting in love. We can see this effort for peace and love in all those responding and outpouring support to the victims and all of those involved. This is also a great video because this proves that art can inspire change. I totally love musicians and believe they have a very special artistic ability. Writing songs to inspire a global peace is a really beautiful thing, and more people should be doing it. Many people turn to seeking peace after tragedies strike, coincidentally this song was also featured in TOMS commercial about their “One Day without shoes campaign” today, the day after the bombings in Boston. This campaign is about going without shoes for one day. Shoes are a convenience that America and other developed countries enjoy so for one day this campaign encourages people to walk in someone else’s footsteps and experience first hand what billions in the world go without on a daily bases. This campaign is single handedly proof that this world isn’t solely made up of criminals that attack, but it is made up of people who care for one another and are striving for peace.

Video found on YOUTUBE.

Post By Becky Plungis


3 thoughts on “Stop with the violence down with the hate.

  1. After such a tragedy, it’s always best to take our minds off of the event by bringing ourselves back together as a community. Musical performances with messages of peace and positivity are just one example. Also, I love a good acoustic guitar. Great post.

  2. Matisyahu is one of my favorite artists, I find his music uplifting and inspirational. I was also fortunate enough to see him in concert last year. I can understand why you find comfort in this song after a tragedy. As for the TOMS campaign, I used to love going barefoot when I was a kid, I would come in at the end of the day during the summer with the bottoms of my feet black with dirt, My feet were tough back then. If I were to go a day without shoes today in an urban area, Im not sure I would be so comfortable, my feet are no longer tough. It would put things into perspective though. We are lucky, and no matter how hard or bad things get, it could always be worse.

    -Jessica Kennedy

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