How Tos and Tutorials

While searching the web this week I realized that one of the biggest reasons why people use the internet is for How To advice. How to cook, how to use photoshop, how to apply mascara, how to cut glass under water, how to do ANYTHING that ever crossed your mind that you would never know about without the internet and youtube. The internet is an endless resource of step by step information. Here’s a gathering of links for interesting tutorials:

How to cut glass with scissors

How to weave your own wicker basket (just in case)

How to tie a tie

How to have a photo ready smile

How to make old fashioned mac and cheese

How to do a squat for maximum effectiveness

How to cheat on your girlfriend (oh my god I can’t believe this is really what comes up when you type “how to ch”… but it’s actually a really funny video making fun of cheating.)

-Jordan Moore


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