Ready to Cut the Cord?

Have you ever wondered how you could stop paying so much money for your cable? Online options such as Hulu, Itunes, and Netflix have made it easier and cheaper for viewers to watch their favorite shows online. These companies have made it easier for consumers to “cut the cord” and not pay for a cable provider.

I found this article to be pretty interesting as my wife works for Comcast and she told me that this is a real concern in the cable industry. Traditional cable companies are making an effort to redefine their services and to provide more of their content online to their subscribers. This is a perfect example of how companies need to have a better understanding of how the internet and social media impact them, and in turn to keep up with the times.

Click here to read Vikas Bajaj’s article in the NY Times and to learn how you could save money on your next cable bill.


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Iñaki O.


4 thoughts on “Ready to Cut the Cord?

  1. This is so true! at 7.99 a month for Netflix thats hard to beat considering cable costs are through the roof these days. My roommates and I pay around 20 dollars each..thats about 80 dollars a month for cable, and on top of that I have a subscription to Netflix, and use a friends HBO GO account on occasion as well. The next time I move I am not going to have cable, only internet and Netflix.

    -Jessica Kennedy

  2. I find this is very true as well. I pay for Netflix and most the time if I had an option to watch TV or Netflix, I would rather watch Netflix. I don’t have to watch commercials on Netflix and can stop it in my own time, so I find it very convenience. If I had to pay own cable bill, I would probably never get cable because there are always sites other than Netflix were I can watch my TV shows on for free like ABC family I can watch Pretty Little Liars.

    ~Lauren Hopper

  3. Excellent post Iñaki. I am a hulu junkie. I also just downloaded the free lifetime app on my phone so I can watch awesomely bad TV at the gym – Prof Uretsky’s dirty little secrets!

    I am curious about your wife’s experience. Will cable companies completely disappear in the not so distant future? Will they all eventually look like hulu, netflix and other sites?

  4. I use Amazon Prime’s instant streaming and my friend’s HBOgo and Netflix accounts. Watching TV shows and movies online is much more convenient for me because it is less expensive, I can watch them when I want to and NO commercials. I tried to convince my mom to cut the cord, but she doesn’t want to give up watching the news when she comes home. Don’t even get her started on missing Dancing With the Stars. Oh, moms….

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