Facebook Adds Feelings and Actions: This Week in Social Media

I noticed that Facebook added a new feature this week that allows you to express how your feeling and what your doing while posting a status, without expressing it in the text of your status update. I haven’t used the new feature yet but maybe some of you have!

The article also mentions some other new features Facebook added…Facebook Home, Event invite limitations, as well as some news about other social media sites.

Click Here to read!

-Jessica Kennedy


3 thoughts on “Facebook Adds Feelings and Actions: This Week in Social Media

  1. Weird! How strange that we would need a little eye glass icon to emphasize that we watched a movie. We can’t get so far away from regular interactions that we just input what we are doing with none of our own words. Sounds a little crazy to me. In the link it shows that this is an apparent benefit because now we can look at our timelines and then realize that on Monday, April 15, 2013 we watched Jurassic Park… just in case we still cared two years later to be like, OH YEAH I DID WATCH JURASSIC PARK… hahaha… sigh. I don’t know, maybe it will be a neat feature that will eventually become second nature.

  2. Little things like this make me wonder where our current generation and social media age are going. Will we one day lose all face-to-face social skills and communicate solely through outlets like Facebook? It’s hard to know, but in my opinion, for the future generation- kids younger and younger are becoming addicted to electronics and social networking websites that they’re losing their ability to have an imagination or think for themselves. Often times I’m on Facebook and I see someone’s status and think, “who cares?!” Why do we feel we need to update everyone on every mundane facet of our lives? Do you think your friends truly care that you went to the gym this morning or had subway for lunch? I think this feature just allows people to have an easier way of doing that. Whether it’s a good thing or not is yet to be known.

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