Foreign Aid

I posted something last week about my disappointment in the U.S government about not giving enough aid to developing countries. Below is a good article to read if your at all interested in the truth about how much exactly we are giving. What I find really sad is that the general public are often deceived and think that the U.S is giving much more than they actually are. In the article the writer brings up that most people think we have 25% of the budget dedicated to foreign aid, most people thought this number was too high but thought 10% would be reasonable. In all reality they point out that less than 1% of our governments budget is for foreign aid and that very little of than money ever makes a presence in developing countries.

I am very passionate about justice and helping the oppressed and I believe that America holds a tremendous responsibility of helping developing countries and I do not believe they are doing a very good job of fulfilling that roll. We are the wealthiest nation in the world, and  I strongly believe we should be using the wealth for the betterment of humanity.  If you’re looking for the truth about what the US is spending it’s money on read this article.

Read more here!

Article found on the LIVE: 58 website.

Post By Becky Plungis


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