Graphic Design for Social Media

This video is a webinar created by Schipul’s Creative Services Designer Erica Bogdan. Its kind of a long video but I learned a few things from it, like some good places to get free images, free picture editors I didn’t know about, Specific dimensions  to use when creating graphics for Facebook and twitter. Take a look if any of the above interests you!


Watch It Here! 


3 thoughts on “Graphic Design for Social Media

  1. I think this video is very informative. I personally love finding out about sights like Flickr and Compflight for free and safe image using. Also knowing the resolutions of facebook, tumblr and so on is key for designing your page so that was also a nice bit of information. However I think that the speaker is very dull and plain which makes this longer video harder to watch than most. This could be seen as too critical but I think its important look at how you present your information and honest her lack of enthusiasm makes this a hard watch for me. Just my thoughts,
    Kevin Mclaughlin

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