Tips to improve as a graphic designer

In my graphic design class, we’re designing a “How To” booklet on 6 steps to become a good designer. While reading these tips I thought it my be an interesting thing to blog about in our class for those fellow artists/designers in our class and outside. I thought of some other tips on my own that popped into my head while reading the page. Brainstorming and being organized when naming files are two examples. You’ve got to brainstorm before throwing something on the canvas. And being organized is always important in life, but especially in graphic design, as I’ve learned myself.

Check out the website here! 

Lindsay Hopkins


One thought on “Tips to improve as a graphic designer

  1. Thanks for posting Lindsay. It inspired me to be more involved outside of design class, to get more involved with the online community of designers. It touched on an issue that I’ve thought of when it comes to being a freelance artist and the fact that when you’re your own boss, there isnt anyone to critique your work, getting involved with an online design community can fix this problem.This was one of the things holding me back in terms of looking for work. Definately inspiring! Thanks!

    -Jessica Kennedy

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