Recycled Cell Phones: The Art of Today

This article is about art that has been created using recycled cell phone parts. Sometimes they are flattened and taken apart, while others choose to use the whole thing. They make for some pretty cool sculptures. The article states…

With new cell phones emerging almost every day, Americans are updating their phones regularly. However, where we’re really good at buying new phones, we’re not so good at properly disposing of the old ones. There are ways to recycle your old cell phones, but some green, creative-driven minds have taken recycling cell phones to a whole new level.

You can check out the article here!

Posted by Nicole Romeo


One thought on “Recycled Cell Phones: The Art of Today

  1. One of the major problems that I have, are the four to five cell phones taking up space on my work desk. This article really opened my eyes on what I should have done a long time ago. One of the major problems that I personally have is waiting for new gadgets to come out, specifically cell phones, and wanting to instantly have them. It wasn’t until this year that I realized that not only is it a total waste of money, but it is addicting. Why would I purchase the latest Iphone when I know that a newer and better one will be out in 6 months. It truly is a never ending cycle. Well I guess it is time for me to recycle my cell phones, later!

    Iñaki O.

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