Gun Control, and my thoughts.

Tis the season to talk about gun control. Alex Jones’ thoughts on gun control are above. My thoughts on the video, he gets kinda crazy, but I love it. I also love how calm the british guy is.

This video doesn’t really solve anything but rather presents two drastically different opinions.

I am not a gun owner, but I don’t think taking guns away from non violent citizens will ever solve any of our problems. The issue lies within the offender. The issues going on within his/her brian that prompts them to act in a violent manner. Perhaps what we need more than laws and restrictions is people caring for the mental health of individuals. Therapists should be more readily available and talked about and visits should be encouraged in school situations, and work environments.  A therapist shouldn’t be someone just for those who are forced to go by their parents, or who finally agree to see as adults, everyone should be open to discussing the thoughts that lie within the walls of their mind. Therapists in society today are seen as the people you only go to if you’re emotionally unbalanced or have a screw loose, this shouldn’t be the case, it only prompts people to keep to themselves instead of talking to another person who may be able to offer some valuable insight. A big problem I see within our society is that in a world with more people than we have ever had before, instead of talking to someone we can trust about our issues we instead hide behind our laptops, iphones, and headphones. This is a sad truth, that with people in abundance we choose to hit the back-roads and hide, because we fear human interaction. Basically my thoughts on this subject are that we ought to be nurturing mental health and encouraging more open communication in order to solve these violent sporadic crimes.

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Post By Becky Plungis


2 thoughts on “Gun Control, and my thoughts.

  1. I was a bit nervous to read this at first because of such controversy among everyone versus this subject matter. But you really brought out an important point that I sure haven’t heard in the many debates amongst my friends/peers about gun control. I certainly agree with you on everything. We hide behind our technology in fear of rejection, whether it be rejection of friendship or anything else. It has really changed how we view the world and really how the world views us as well.

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