Using Social Media to Save Women’s Lives

Facebook and other social media sites are working to help women and mothers in remote parts of the world to get proper medical advice, which they previously would not have had access to. Even in today’s world, women and children in remote areas are dying during pregnancy or later from complications. Facebook, in particular, has helped doctors and nurses that lack the tools or information and are not specifically trained in caring for certain diseases to find the necessary training or advice. This article is extremely moving, as it shows that social media can in fact save lives.

Click here to read the blog from Huffington Post and to find out how social media, specifically facebook, is helping these remote countries and is giving hope in dire circumstances.


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Iñaki O.


2 thoughts on “Using Social Media to Save Women’s Lives

  1. Wow, that’s really something. I am so glad to hear of good things happening in the world when so much negativity is on the news. I know a few people that have worked in Africa on medical missions and I know that everyone helping over there is so limited in supplies and support that this would really make a difference. Text messaging is so quick and the three like system seems like a good way to get quality info (any info could be helpful in the life and death situations they face). I’m glad that someone was bold enough to suggest this idea because I’m sure it could have seemed crazy or unprofessional to use texting to distribute medical advice. When there’s no other resource, this form of communication should be valued.

  2. This is a great article. It did a couple things for me, first it made me happy that people are actually coming together and helping the common good of humanity, and second It made me pissed off thinking about how these countries have little to no hospitals, or medical facilities nor doctors and nurses to care for individuals YET, somehow we… America find it perfectly okay to go and spend billions of dollars fighting wars, but don’t spend even half that much helping people get the most basic of luxuries like someone to deliver their babies for them. Really ridiculous if you ask me. I think it is a very sad thing that our country is the wealthiest country on the planet and we find it more useful to go fight and kill, rather then nurture and preserve. It really says something about us. And though this article is talking about the great things of text messaging and communicating that way, I’d like to see a flood of trained professionals dedicate their lives to helping others and move into these hospitals and give care on a personal bases not just through the internet. I pray we see a change in these countries in our lifetimes. Good post.

    -Becky Plungis

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