Social media awash with April Fools’ pranks

YouTube launched a video stating that the last 8 years they were up and running was just a huge contest to find the best video. They also said that they were going to delete everything tonight, and a review board of 30k technicians were going to review every submission ever made. The winner will be announced in 2023, and nothing more will ever happen with YouTube.

I encourage everyone to watch as many videos as possible before YouTube deletes everything tonight.

This is absolutely hilarious. Check the video out here.

I wonder what other social media pranks will be played tomorrow.


One thought on “Social media awash with April Fools’ pranks

  1. This is really funny. The first 20 seconds had me, I would have fell for it. It’s nice to know that the social media world has some kind of humor that wont harm anyone. There so much good that comes from the Internet, and at the same time so much bad like cyber bulling. But this is just harmless humor for everyone. I agree with you I cant wait to see what the Internet has in store for April fools!!!

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