Dont Blame Snapchat for Your Teen’s Naked Pics by Christine Erickson

This is a good article to point out the fact that it isn’t always to app’s or sites fault. Children need to be educated on the consequences of sending these pictures via snap chat. I like how the author pointed out the fact that teens are going to do these type of things regardless so getting rid of the way of sending the pictures isnt the answer instead the issue should be more focused on educating teens. Read the full article and get a great perspective on this topic HERE!!!

-Michael Taylor


4 thoughts on “Dont Blame Snapchat for Your Teen’s Naked Pics by Christine Erickson

  1. Great post, and I agree.The app was created on the basis that there needed to be something to buffer NSFW pics that people send to each other. Snapchat tried to make it safer for people to do that by only allowing a photo to be seen for up to 10 seconds and then disappearing never to be seen again. Obviously there was a market for this app, hence why it has done so well. I agree that Snapchat itself isn’t the issue, Teens should be educated on the circumstances of their actions.

    -Jessica Kennedy

  2. I agree to this post as well. This app makes it easier for teens to sent naked picture to each other for a short period of time and think that no one else can share it , but them. While those picture are still sent somewhere in a snap chat database. I guess if you wanted so send naked picture it would be the best why. I still think that it isn`t always 100 % safe. I wouldn`t trust that the app would protect those images forever.

    -Lauren Hopper

  3. I also agree that Snapchat should not be to blame for teens’ poor decisions. Just because it’s possible to send a scandalous picture, doesn’t mean that you should. Parents need to explain to their children the repercussions of sending nude or other inappropriate photos. There is never a guarantee that what you send won’t be seen by others or stored in a temporary location. Furthermore, Snapchat isn’t just for sending naked pictures. Teens can still use the app to send funny pictures or the ever popular “selfies” to friends. Still snapping but without damaging their reputations.

  4. I agree with the author of this article, it is important for teenagers to know the consequences when sending a shady picture to their friends or even sometimes to strangers. Kids and their parents have to have an open dialogue because blaming the company is not the answer. I think parents now are to quick to blame the APP rather than controlling what is happening in their own homes. Parents should be educating their kids on certain fundamental values, the most important in my opinion is knowing when to use proper judgment. Teenagers, or anyone sending improper pictures, should know what is proper and improper. If they happen to send negative pictures then they should take the brunt of the blame. Really people just need to learn to use common sense.

    -Iñaki O.

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