5 Couples Who Found Love on Social Media

Read the article by Jessica Fee on Mashable

This article touched on something I was just talking about with a friend the other day – people are meeting people through social media and dating them just like meeting in person. The high school girls at my job were telling me that they all met their current boyfriends on twitter. I was very surprised, because to me it made no sense – I couldn’t understand how that could work at first. But it does make sense that if people are very active on a social media site, they’re posting content and others who see it can respond with potential appreciation. People bond over their similarities online just like when they meet in person and strike on something during a random conversation. Move over eharmony!

-Jordan Moore


2 thoughts on “5 Couples Who Found Love on Social Media

  1. I think this is a great article, meeting someone you care about and love doesn’t have to be done through the traditional methods these thanks to technology. I can personally relate to this subject because I meet my girlfriend of 8 months online. I thinks its a great idea because well you can easily see if you are interested in them (visually and similarities) and communicate with them and establish a base relationship before evening meeting them. Although there are definitely some creepers out on that scene so i would still be careful.
    Kevin McLaughlin

  2. This is so interesting, people of my generation still have some weird feelings around dating via social media / dating websites. It seems like Jordan has some hesitation too, while Kevin is fine with it. My thought on it is while it may be killing some of our social skills (ie go up to someone at a bar and simply talk to them to see if you have anything in common) — perhaps the way in which we socialize is just, well different now.

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