Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen.

This video is perfect. This video was inspired by the post about “Will Facebook Changes Drive Away the Teen Crowd.”   This especially goes along with the quote,

“With so many moms and dads clogging up its pages, Facebook is no longer the cool place to hang out for under-18s.”

I think it’s awesome because it proves the point made in the article about how parents being on facebook is changing the likability of Facebook for those under 18. Mostly because their posts comments, likes, photos and anything they write is visible by everyone. And in this case even though the daughter blocked her parents on facebook, since her dad is an IT man he knew how to see her posts regardless.  This parent in particular found a post on his daughters facebook page about how much she hates her parents and how her parents make her do chores, and never pay her for everything she does. Of course the letter was written in a much different way and the daughter was being super disrespectful, and completely inappropriate.  The demographic of facebook is changing the ways teens act on the social networking site. And probably starting to push the younger generations away from using the site.

Video found on YouTube.

Post By Becky Plungis


2 thoughts on “Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen.

  1. I don’t think that kids under 18 should even be allowed to have FaceBook. There should be an age limit, and it should go back to only college-age and adults on FaceBook. I also think that it is hilarious that children do not think that parents are smart enough to read their FaceBook even though its blocked. Parents are much smarter (most of the time) than they think. Children do not understand the consequences of what they post, and quite frankly, I agree they have it so easy yet they continue to complain about chores they have to do. This video is fantastic. I love the end, my father would have done the same thing if I had posted something similar when I was that age. (I just had a “when I was your age, we had to walk uphill both ways in the snow” moment.)

  2. I really like this video, i would love to see the follow up on this to see what actually happened with the girl. The stuff she said was insane and I could never imagine speaking like that about my parents or posting something like that publicly where everyone can see it. I dont really think facebook is even remotely as popular as it used to be, and I honestly think it has alot to do with how popular it has come with adults. When I first started using facebook i never ever saw anything from my friends parents or my relatives but now I am constantly seeing things from friends parents and even my grandparents have Facebook. I think it is an awesome way to keep in touch with people but i can see why the younger crowd is not as into it much anymore because if you are trying to hide something Facebook is not a great place to be posting it.
    -Mike Taylor

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